SaddleStrings Merchandise

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This page is under construction.... please be patient.
In the meantime, give us a call, ask us any questions and we'll be happy to send CDs to you.  We're just a mom and pop shop, so we don't do credit cards, but we do checks!
So many people ask us where else they can buy our music... well here's the low down...


Embroidery work
Add Saddlestrings Logo to your article of clothing

Vinyl Stickers
for windows, trailers, any flat surface

CDBaby has a fantastic collection of western artists... feel free to shop around while you are there!

Many people have seen our vests and coats and asked.... where can we get one of those? more
We've really not thought of ourselves as being designers of western wear, nor do we really want to be.  We want to do what we do best and that's show up and sing (although some might question our ability to do that).
But, if you really want your very own SaddleStrings logo, here's what they look like...
Call us and we can arrange to have your article of clothing, or whatever it is you want embroidered, with one of our logos.
Call 801-985-9661 for more information and do leave a message, if we don't answer.

Vinyl stickers
please call for sizes, colors, pricing and availability