Ya wouldnt believe it if we told ya!

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About Us.... if you don't already know

We’re just a bunch of regular country folks.  We evolved from an occasional backyard get-together, to what you hear at our performances today.  Along the journey we have met some wonderful and encouraging people that we will truly treasure for the rest of our lives.  We have officially been the SaddleStrings since late 1994.  (Yes, that makes us old)...

We had really never taken ourselves seriously, until upon the goading of one of the festival directors who told us that we would not be invited back until we had something for the fans to take home with them.... so we did it and it was released in February of 2001, titled “Hangin’ from the Conchos.”   Back then, there was just four of us: Brian, Roy Glover (d. 2010) and "Snoose" and Cindy Argyle.

We are now up to a grand total of six (6) albums, since then.  Our most recent, released in February of 2017, "Songs from the Saddle Shop", takes us back to a simpler way of life, in some ways, and yet reminds us of the harsh realities of nature and the cycle of life.
Most of the members of Saddlestrings live in the small farming community of Hooper, Utah, perched on the flatlands, next to the Great Salt Lake, in Northern Utah.  Every member of this group has lived and loved the ranch lifestyle, even though they have had to let go of the old ways and the seemingly-laid-back business of cows, horses, haying and irrigating in the hot sun.

"Snoose”, born and raised on the family ranch in Randolph, Utah, looks the part of every long legged, red mustachioed cowboy you ever read about in a Louis L’Amore western novel.  Cindy sings and plays minor percussion.  She loved visiting grandpa, in Rock Springs, and doing cowboy things with him.  Both members of this husband and wife team enjoy the cowboy life, and helping out, while visiting Snoose’s brother.

Brian Arnold, born 100 years too late, gifted with the ability to pen a poem or a song which paints a picture so real, you can almost smell the bacon or hear the horses whinny, sings lead vocals.  He writes most of the original material, and lends body to the songs on the album with good solid rhythm guitar work.  He’s a good cowboy, looks the part, and works cattle like he was born to.

Laurie Morgan, Brian’s cousin, grew up with farm animals, around dairy cows and had her own horse for as long as she can remember.  She was born to sing and music has always been a part of her life.  Her father sang with the Utah famous church quartet, the Four R’s and she sang with him many a time in church and family gatherings. With our newest release, she has taken to pen and written her own song, "A Cowboy's Heart".

Our heartfelt thanks to all, for having faith in us and for all of the wonderful encouragement that has kept SaddleStrings driving on.  Even though we are common folks, taking each day as they come, we are dedicated to doing what we can to preserve and promote the ways of the old west through our music and poetry.  We hope you enjoy listening to the Saddlestrings’ music as much as we enjoy making it.  “Heaven knows we never thought we would ever go into a studio and record an album, it just happened”, laughs Cindy, as she looks back on the history of how it all came together.

Photo by Anita Crane