Family & Friends Page

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We want to thank our families and friends that provide their undying love and support for this sometimes demanding and expensive hobby that we have and ask for their forgiveness when we miss special events in their lives when we've committed to a performance.  We love you and appreciate you so very much!
Here's some photos of those that support us in our adventures...
If you have some fun photos of us, feel free to send them to saddlestrings@earthlink.net and we'll see if we can't add them to the Photo Gallery.

Jodi's Family
Mountain Spirit Heritage Festival 2009

Cindy and Snoose... cutting a rug
...yes, he does occasionally dance with me

If it weren't for family....
nobody'd put up with us!

Jodi's son
Will he follow in his mom's footsteps?

Proud Grandpa Snoose
Daughter, Son-in-law and grandsons Cord and Dicein

We can kiss our families and friends goodbye, but we carry them with us in our hearts and in our minds, and they are always there when we come back.... we must be the luckiest people on the planet!

Brian's lovely bride, Miss Laura
...she takes most of our pictures

The Severes
Jodi's mom and dad

Cindy with Kath, Linda and Anita
We've been buds forever, it seems

Jodi's musical family
Jodi, Darla, and Dad (Randy Severe)

Our best fans...
Cousins Shellie, Marilyn and Abbie

The Thackarays
Mountain Spirit Heritage Festival 2009

Families are like fudge.....
mostly sweet with a few nuts!
Did I mention?...we're the nuts!

Brian and Laura
Enjoying time in Jackson Hole